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Fly Veils - Wild Horse - Mesh plus nose



Fly Veil three dart black mesh with ripstop nose protector by Wild Horse.  $44.99

We only stock BLACK.  Why black?  Because black mesh is the only mesh colour that is nearly invisible when you view through it. It is safer for your horse.

Ripstop Nose Protector panel is cut to match the shape of the nostril area.  This prevents the unhealthy build up of dirt and moisture that happens under normal nose protectors.

These are a great fly veil for all horses.  Long lasting and designed with an eye towards comfort and safety. Impregnated with insect control they offer added protection. The double eye darts are a feature not usually found in fly veils and keeps the mesh away from the eyes even allowing for the different face shapes from breed to breed.

Product Description

  • Designed with comfort of the horse in mind with fleece over the poll, forehead & nose.
  • The veils utilise a new nylon mesh with 70% better visibility offers perfect clear vision protection around the eye area.
  • They have an elastic stretch point under the chin to allow for your horses most movable joint.
  • Double eye darts to keep the veil away from your horses eye.
  • Triple lock Velcro fastening for added security.

This is truly the greatest design.

Wild Horse Product Info:   Insect Control Fly Masks

  • Our fly masks are treated with Insect Control Technology - a patent-pending insect repellent that lasts through 25 detergent washes

  • The repellency is Permethrin - a man-made version of a natural insect repellent found in certain types of chrysanthemum plants

  • We use a specialised process, which is very tightly bonded to the fabric fibres, resulting in effective protection that lasts the expected lifetime of the product

  • We have been extensively tested and have proven highly successful for effectiveness in repelling a variety of disease carrying insects

  • Our technology is Odourless and Colourless, unlike other products which can affect your horses sensitive sense of smell

  • EPA registered

  • It is the same repellent technology used in field clothing for the Military Forces to repel insects

  • A great alternative to other temporary insect repellent products that are sprayed directly on the skin, last for only a matter of hours, wash off with sweat or water and which also have the potential for overuse

  • Insect Control clothing has the benefit of being near your horse’s skin, instead of on it.

  • It is appropriate for horses of all ages

  • Insects are NOT repelled by normal horse rugs

  • Can save you time and money on direct contact sprays

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