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Thrush Eze Hoof Powder


$15.00 125 gms bottles

Thrush Eze Hoof Powder - developed by a professional hoof care provider, who was frustrated with other natural treatments and looking for a natural solution to Thrush problems.

"After dealing with increased rain and wet conditions, over the last few years since the drought, it was found necessary to develop a dry product to aid in the prevention, treatment and control of thrush in the Equine foot.

This product is an absorptive powder that is safe, yet effective on thrush. After applying wet treatments such as AVC, tea tree oil and various other treatments, none were effective enough on already wet or waterlogged feet."

ThrushEze_1_page_advert.pdf ThrushEze_1_page_advert.pdf Click here for more details, manufacturers instructions, and user's testimonials.

For major infections use once/twice daily to cleaned hoof for first week, then 3 - 5 times per week until infection subsides.