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Shufill Silicone Pack


Shufill Glue-U Liquid Silicone - + Tips Pack

Ideal for use in combination with Easyshoes.

Provides sole protection, cushion and support. Temperature and humidity may affect the performance of this product. Sold in 250 ml tubes. Dispenser gun is required for application. Normal caulking gun from harware store can be used for application. No returns on glue products.


Firm but soft cushion support pad material in shore - A10 

Offers protection, cushioning and support for the hoof sole.

Fill up to ground level for support of foundered and laminitis case

Set time 4 minutes, depending on weather conditions. *Temperature and humidity might have effect on the performance of this product.

This pack includes one tube of Shufill A10 plus 4 applicator tips.