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The world's leading boot manufacturers have made a shoe! 

But not like any other shoe!

Scroll down to see the vidoes on how to apply and remove the Easyshoe.

If you compete in a discipline that as yet, does not permit boots in competition,

or need to rehab a horse who is competing then the Easyshoe range may be just what you need!

EasyShoes at the races, in the US, Eventing, & used for rehab by top dressage rider Shannon Peters & "Squishy" in EasyShoes.  Squish excelled at his sport but was held back as traditional shoes did not work for him.

Unlike any other flexibile shoe the Easyshoe is designed to flex and bend in every direction and incorporates many of the benefits of boots. Freeing up the hoof so that more of the natural functions that keep it sound are maintained. Plus providing a rehab. tool no available with traditional steel shoes.

EasyShoes can be applied with glue and certain models can also be applied with nails. Up to this point many riders have been excluded from top competiton because they had barefoot/booted horses.  Now they have access to a more traditional hoof protection for those times when the regulations demand it.

The Easyshoe also has theraputic applications for those times when horses need hoof protecton full time but cannot be left in boots 24/7.Easycare Inc. have taken three years to develop and trial the new Easyshoe in the U. S.  It has been used in racing, endurance and top level dressage now and they believe that this shoe will be a game changer for the hoof protection industry.

Trade enquiries from farriers & professional trimmers are also welcome. Ph 02 4457-3022 

See more "how to" videos at bottom of page.


 How to measure for the Easyshoe:

how to measure



Easyshoe "Performance N/G"  

Can be nailed or glued.


easyshoe compilation


The Easyshoe has unique features:  It allows lateral flexion (horse in graphic is standing on steel washer to demonstratethe amount of flexion provided).  Horizontal Heel flexion - just hand pressure allows heels to flex naturally.  Integrated nailing plage in the N/G model.

Performance N/G (Nail Glue Option): The same shape and design as the Performance, except that it has two metal nailing plates, embedded in the material.

It can take up to 8 nails (size E head). It is also “clear” instead of opaque black. This is so that the farrier can see the white line while nailing.

If this shoe is nailed, you can reset it in multiple shoeings. The shape and bottom tread, lasts on average 500 miles of training rides (in addition to paddock/pasture wear and tear and a racing schedule). The client can have their horse trimmed and then have their same shoes put back on. Farriers recommend using nails size E5, E5 slim & E4 slim, most farriers are choosing E5 Slim.


Sometimes horses who are freshly out of shoes are not used to having functional fully flexing heels and will need the shoe to be stable for the first few weeks whilst the hoof recovers and the caudal heels tissues become more robust.  Placing a spacer in the EasyShoe Performance stabilizes the heels. 

The spacer can be removed and a larger size spacer inserted as the hoof grows and the heels spread throughout the shoeing cycle.  Eventually the horse will not need the spacer and the shoe can be used without it.  Spacers are available on our shop.Spacers are also ideal to help keep the heels of the shoe the right distance apart whilst you are nialing the shoe on.  They can then be removed if you wish to free up the heels so they can flex independently.

Note:    Applying the Performance N/G with nail on technique:  

See more "how to" videos at bottom of page.

nailing on easyshoe

Click here for details of how to nail on the Performance N/G Click here for details of how to nail on the Performance N/G

Sold as pairs: 

Sizing Brochure:  Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf

The Easyshoe "Performance"  Glue on.

gluing the easyshoe

Performance: Has a wide rim and a bridge across the frog area. Most synthetic shoes that flex have a fixed width bar across the heels, to help the shoe maintain shape. While this does allow the heels to move, it does not allow the foot to expand throughout the shoeing cycle. To avoid this, ours has a unique “V” frog bridge that will expand as the hoof grows.

Glue On Techniques - Preparation:

If you are using the glue on technique preparation is everything!  We cannot stress this more highly!   Please view this video on the best way to prepare the hoof for a great result.  Never cut corners in the preparation stage.


See more "how to" videos at bottom of page.

Sold as pairs

Sizing Brochure:  Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf


Easyshoe "Sport" Glue On.

Internal wire allows for shaping to suit asymmetrical hooves.


Sport: Slightly heavier than the Compete, but lighter than the remaining two. The Sport also bears the traditional horseshoe shape, however, it is about 2.5x wider than the compete, so instead of being a rim type shoe, it spans further inward to give a bit solar contact and support.

There is a patented wire system in the Compete and the Sport that makes them maintain their horseshoe shape and not splaying off of the hoof. The wire system can be bent % larger and smaller than the original size of the shoe, similar to being able to hammer and bend a steel shoe.


Sold as pairs -

Sizing Brochure:  Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf

EasyShoe "Compete" - glue on

Sizing Brochure: Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf

Sold as pairs -

A thin-webbed shoe for use on the track or on turf. The internal metal spine allows for maximum adjustment to a wide variety of hoof shapes and sizes.

Steel wire insert allows for shoe shaping.

Open toe allows for adjustments in breakover.

Compete: Lightest weight of the 4 Easyshoes. Originally designed as a racing plate and optimal for any horses who are worked in softer footing (dressage, stadium jumping, racetracks, etc.). As they rim the hoof like a traditional steel shoe, if they are ketp on softer footing it ensures that the sole gets enough stimulation and that the shoe does not create an entirely peripherally loaded hoof.

Sizing Brochure: Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf Easyshoe-pre-sale-flyerECDU.pdf

Sold as pairs .


All available on our online shop.

Adhere glue for use with EasyShoe


Fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminum and urethane shoes to the hoof and to fabricate large and small hoof wall repairs.

  • For use as adhesive.
  • 4 week average for glue-on urethane shoes
  • Initial set time of 1 minute and final cure time of 6 minutes
  • Perfect for most every hoof repair application
  • Adhere™ sets hard with a superior bond, but maintains the flexibility necessary at the quarters and heels to allow the natural movement of the hoof.


Video Information on the new EasyShoe Range from Easycare Inc.

Success with the EasyShoe depends intirely on the attention to detail paid to the preparation and gluing process

Easycare Inc. have a series of videos on the various ways to apply the EasyShoe.  We suggest that anyone who is considering using these shoes for the first time, take the time to watch all of these especially if you are applying the shoe yourself.  Even if your farrier is applying the shoe for you, we feel that they too should view these videos prior to application. 

Statement from Easycare Inc. about the development of the EasyShoe.

EasyCare is passionate about the equine hoof and believes that the best equine feet spend a great deal of time out of hoof protection.

Barefoot time strengthens the hoof, allows for natural expansion and contraction, and hoof boots are the perfect protection when needed. Although most agree that barefoot time is crucial, horse owners often sacrifice what is ideal for their horses in order to fit our own human schedules.

If your horse is performing in a discipline where hoof boots are not permitted then the Easyshoe may be an option for you. 

The EasyShoe will complement our 13 hoof boot models and gives horse owners and professionals a 3-6 week form of hoof protection that aligns with our hoof mechanism theories.

The key to successful application of the EasyShoe depends entirely upon hoof preparation and application techniques. Please view these videos on the application of the shoe prior to applying.

Tip:  The new ZIP temporary therapy boot is ideal for keeping the hooves clean after the preparation process for gluing!  No more looking for the ideal clean and dry surface to stand on!

Zip Boot for gluing easyshoes

 Introducing the Easyshoe - Presentation by Garrett Ford CEO Easycare Inc

Glue On Techniques - Preparation:

If you are using the glue on technique preparation is everything!  We cannot stress this more highly!   Please view this video on the best way to prepare the hoof for a great result.  Never cut corners in the preparation stage.


Glueing the Easyshoe:

The EasyShoe can be applied with various equine hoof adhesives.  Some take more time to cure then others, some make a better bond than others.  Easycare Down Under would like to suggest that your easiest option would be to use the quick curing and very strong Vettec Adhere glue.  Hoof care professionals might like to explore the other options they may be familiar with.

For the "mere mortals" who may be glueing for the first time, Vettec Adhere glue cures fast so that you are able to put the horse's hoof down on the ground as soon as the shoe is applied.  Some of the other glues require that you hold the hoof in the air for up to ten minutes. Sometimes difficult with fussy horses! 

With the adhere glue you can place the Easyshoe on the hoof and then let the horse put the hoof on the ground.  By picking up the opposite leg up for a short time you can stop the horse moving for the short time it takes to cure.  In addition the horse's weight on the glue/shoe creates a strong bond.

Note:    Applying the Performance N/G with nail on technique:  

Removal of the Easyshoe:

The equine hoof grows constantly.  To remain in a healthy fully functional state it is best if it can be bare and regularly trimmed.  If you find you need hoof protection such as the EasyShoe it is vital that you have a regular trim cycle (approx four - five weeks for most horses) and that you remove the Easyshoe, trim the hoof, and replace the Easyshoe regularly just as you would traditional shoes.

Demonstration of the Heel Flex once the Easyshoe is applied.